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Train Books for Kids that Teach

Educational Games for Home or Classroom where "Ed means "Education." 


Engine Ed's Colorful Train, by children's book author, Bonnie Worthington, is a full-color, hardback, storybook about a little boy who has a wonderful dream and an exciting adventure with a big, friendly, steam engine named Ed. We know it's hard to find good children's train books.  Look no further. Engine Ed's Colorful Train is a delightful, educational train book with lovely, colorful illustrations by Laurie Faust that everyone from little ones to young readers will enjoy. This book about train cars, freight trains and railroads, is fun for adults too, so you will enjoy sharing it with any child. There's even a talking little red cabosse. Engine Ed's Colorful Train is best suited for any child in your life age 0-10 years. Open your child up to the wonderful world of trains. This book makes a wonderful gift for any child or expectant parents.  If you're looking for delightful train books for kids, or for a website where your children can play fun, interactive educational games, you've come to the right place. We're all about train books and educational fun for kids!

"A simple yet engaging story.  The stuff dreams are made of."

                   --Chico Enterprise Record


New Children's Book, Engine Ed's Colorful Train Receives Praise From Educators and Press

Newly released children's book, Engine Ed's Colorful Train praised as being creative, fun, yet educational as well as engaging reading for children.

Cover, Engine Ed's Colorful Train


PRLog (Press Release)-Aug 13, 2008-Newly released in July 2008, Engine Ed’s Colorful Train by Bonnie Worthington is pleasing parents and educators.

This full-color, hardback children’s story book is about a young boy who has a wonderful dream and an exciting adventure with a friendly steam engine named Ed. The book teaches children about the world of trains, enforces their knowledge of a multitude of colors while entertaining its readers.

The Chico Enterprise Record hails Worthington's new book, stating, "'s a simple yet engaging story, the stuff dreams are made of."

Says Rosanna Dildine of Houston, Texas, “This book has become Ben’s absolute favorite storybook. He insists I read it to him twice every night and he sleeps with it.”

Sheila Hefty, retired lower-school librarian from Sacramento, California exclaims, “I have been a librarian for over 21 years and this book is definitely one of the cutest, most entertaining I’ve seen (and I see a lot of books).”

Beverly Landers, Principal of Chico Christian School in Chico, CA. exclaims. I just loved it. This book is so precious. It not only educates children, it teaches a few things to adults too!”

Author Bonnie Worthington is the daughter of Yvonne Reese, remedial reading specialist for the Chino Unified School district. Worthington has worked as a volunteer in the public and private school system in K-12 classrooms and libraries for over 20 years. She currently is involved in conducting studies on learning environments for children and how children learn best.

Not only do Worthington’s books teach, the web site is designed to help children learn by offering free interactive learning games for children 24 hours a day. Books are available at local bookstores. Signed and personalized copies are available at:

# # # promotes education for the young people in our lives by providing free interactive learning games for children as well as interesting stories written by author Bonnie Worthington

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